Sigmma Academy Distributes Tablets to Students


Selfstudy partners with Sigmma Academy to provide students with easier access to study material, guidance, and progress analysis tools by building a digital platform that can be accessed at any time and anywhere. Each student of Sigmma academy was given a tablet specially designed for aspirants of competitive entrance Exam like JEE main, neet etc.

Students of Sigmma Academy are thrilled to be given the opportunity to enhance the experience of learning via a robust Digital E-learning platform which enables a student to prepare for his exam in a smarter and more sophisticated way.

Selfstudy distributed 500+ tablets to the students of Sigmma Academy at its centre in Ajmer, Rajasthan.

Director of Sigmma Academy expressed his feelings toward this new way of learning in the following words

” Selfstudy gave our students a chance to learn better and keep an eye on the progress of there a preparation having this platform, students can perform better in a there upcoming competitive exam. This builds confidence and self-esteem by keeping a record of their performance”

Other features of Selfstudy include Leader Board and achievements thus making learning fun and game-like. Having made learning fun and less monotonous learners do not suffer from boredom and thus do not lose much necessary concentration.

Selfstoy can be defined as its own study, independent of the supervision of any other or under the supervision of a teacher or teacher, despite the fact that; Individuals can take the help of books, instructional exercises and reference books, and similarly some external sources. Likewise, it may be characterized as being “learning alone” or “independent of someone else” or having their own trainers in a digital way.

“We will be a nation where education will be a meaningful experience that will empower each one. With this mission, we want to build a moment of teacher leaders who can re-imagine their classroom.” Said by the teacher of Sigmma Academy.

“We truly believe that this is the network that needs to be strengthened. I strongly believe that in order to provide access and exposure to our children, technology is the key game changer.” the founder of Sigmma Academy

Some Advantages of Selfstudy are:

Continuous reach to the curriculum content: Students no longer have to worry about reaching the course material, because the curriculum content and activities are provided online with easy access. Students can complete assignments and projects during their most productive sessions. Students can download or print out the study materials as needed.

More efficient use of time: Time-saving elements introduced by web-based educational tools apply to both teacher and student. Students benefit because they have immediate access to curriculum content at any given place at any time. They do not have to spend time walking across campus to the instructor’s office for reading books in the library or so. Teachers can minimize time spent in the office hours, and dedicate more time to addressing students’ concerns online.

Greater support: Many online education providers offer outstanding support, not only from instructors but from tutors and system administrators as well. Finding answers about specific courses, the enrolment process, or study tips with the click of a button has made online education a more accepted form lately.


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