Make Learning Exciting

How to Make Your Learning Exciting?


Are you bored with your studies? Do you want to make your learning exciting? Are you thinking to change the format of your studies? Do you want to gain interest in your subjects? Are you thinking of how to make your studies more exciting? So, here you are, go through this article, it explains you the tips and tricks on how to make your studies more exciting, it will help you in scoring good marks in your exams, and you will be able to refocus on your studies, you will also be able to find out the topics that interest you, after all, learning never ends and so you need to maintain your concentration and interest towards it.

So, here some magical ways by which you can make learning exciting.

Important note: – Before learning about the ways to make learning exciting one must understand the Role of Education in a person’s life.

Role of Education in a person’s Life:

Education is very important in a person’s life and hence maintaining the interest in it is as important as maintaining respect in society, below are some points about the role of education in your life.

  • Education keeps a person disciplined, it makes them aware of the boundaries of the society, which is important to live within the society, so everyone must learn the basic Moral values in their life.
  • Educated people are considered to have a better understanding and better decision making capability than an illiterate person, so it helps you to gain respect on the society.
  • Education teaches you the difference between what is right and what is wrong, this can only be done through proper guidance and good education so that you become a successful person in your life.
  • The most basic needs of life can be fulfilled by Education, as education provides job and thorough a job you can earn money to fulfill your basic needs.

So, these were some basic role of education in a person’s life. Now let’s talk about how we can make learning Exciting.

Ways to make Learning Exciting:

Learning is the basic need to survive in today’s world, but it’s too hard to stay focused and maintaining interest in learning, so here are some tips on how you can make learning more exciting.

  • Learning can sometimes be so hectic, as just reading through the book line by line can lead you to understand nothing and making you frustrated, to avoid this one must make notes that are written from colourful pens, and must be neat and clean, this helps in building concentration.
  • Merging your hobbies with your studies is again an amazing way to boost your confidence and gather your attention towards learning things.
  • Get to know about your ability to learn, are you a visual learner or can you memorise things, and then focus on the type of learner you are.
  • Another good way of making learning Exciting is teaching others, yes! This is the best way as it keeps you interested and makes your learning exciting. Even teaching others lets you improve your own knowledge.

Learning from Technology:

Technology teaches us many things, it teaches us how the trains run on tracks to how the aeroplane flies in the sky, here are some interesting points on how technology grabs our interest and make learning exciting.

  • Technology brings a whole lot of new questions that need to be researched to get the answers, and hence technology has the best way to make learning exciting.
  • Exploring the new technologies makes learning exciting, as you get to know about the features and the theory at which the particular thing works.
  • Things that make learning exciting are doing practical’s, watching the working of a machine, or rather working with the machine, these things grab interest in learning.
  • Technology has almost answered to all the question that arises in a human brain, so learning about the concepts of technology and its working mechanism in itself is a whole lot thing of excitement.

Follow this “3R” concept to make learning exciting

Making learning exciting can be done in various ways, following this 3R concept can make you undoubtedly make fun out of learning.

  • Read about the topic that interests you.
  • Research about that topic in depth.
  • Re-analyse the topic and discuss with others.

1.R: Read the topic that interests you.

Learning can be exciting if it’s in the domain of an individual, so if you want to make learning exciting you should first search for the topics that interests you, then read about the topic in depth and search for it from a different source.

2.R: Research on the topic in depth.

After you have got the topic that excites you, you can go for depth research in it, suppose robotics is the topic that excites you, go for searching about it in depth, learn what is a robot? What is the functional requirement of a robot? How a robot is made? And what are the things that a robot can do?

3.R: Re-analyse the topic and discuss with others.

After you have successfully gained a depth knowledge of the thing that excites you go for a group discussion of it with your family, teachers and friends, and try to do a practice on it, in this way you will get to grab the attention of others as well as it will help you build concentration on your studies and improve your external world knowledge.

Closing Remark:

Learning is the toughest as well as the easiest job to do, you just need to figure out in which way you want to deal with it. Following the above-mentioned processes can improve your learning progress, and can make learning exciting for you. Learning is very helpful for building new things for society. So, making learning exciting is really fun and it can help in keeping interest in new studies and research in the coming future. I hope you got enough information on how to make learning exciting.

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  1. Hi Falguni, I believe there is a lack of motivation & extensive pressure that you are facing. You just need to relax, take a deep breath focus on the things that you have learnt so far. The world is big & won’t just end here. There are a lot of things that you are good at.

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