Know Your Learning Style

Know Your Learning Style

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Everyone has their own level of thinking, our brain uses many senses to receive and process information, so everyone has their own level of retaining that information. Learning can be done in a more efficient way if one comes to know his/her learning style. So, are you interested in knowing your learning style? This can help you improve your studies, and get a good score. So, follow this article and know about your learning style.

Learning needs an efficient way to deliver success. If you know your weakness and try to overcome it, you can definitely get a better result.

Benefits of knowing your learning style.

Every human is different and has their own tendency to remember and recall things, so one must understand their learning style, below are some points that will explain the benefits of knowing one’s learning style.

  • Learn easily: Yes! Knowing your learning style can definitely help you in learning things faster and things will then be so at ease for you.
  • Remember things: this will definitely let you remember things in a better way, and for a longer period of time, and you will see changes in your result.
  • Explaining to others: If you can remember things easily, you could definitely explain them to others without any hesitation.
  • Performance: Your performance will increase as the things that you will learn, will be in a very convenient way that will stay in your mind and you will be able to easily explain it in your exams.
  • Success: if one knows his learning style, he can definitely approach for any competitive exams and crack it, as he would remember things for a longer period of time.

Understanding your learning style.

The very first step a person should do is to appear for an assessment.

Always remember that the style that you use to learn, may also be used by others, but yes, it can be definitely helpful in certain circumstances.

Follow the above link to know your style, and then here you will get to know how to enhance your style in order to compete with others.

According to the VAK Learning Style, there are Three primary types of Learner: Visual Learner, Auditory learner, Kinesthetic Learner.

Here you will understand each type of learning and the type of learner you are.

  • Visual Learners: Visual learners are classified into two categories, Linguistic and Spatial.

People those who like to learn through written language, such as reading and writing, these people remember what they have written down, even if they don’t go through it twice they remember it. This type of people is known as a Visual Linguistic person.

People that are not very much comfortable with reading and remembering things, but are good at remembering things that they have been demonstrated by charts, videos and other visual methods are known as a visual-spatial person.

Here is some tip to improve your visual skill.


  • School tip: Every Visual learner should prepare notes using diagrams, charts, graphs, etc., a visual learner should also maintain a format of making notes, like using of specific pens to highlight important points.


  • Self-study tip: Review your notes, and always try to improvise it, with the help of diagrams, charts or graphs, this will help you recall and remember things easily. Prepare your study room accordingly, and attach important tables, and formulas, such as the periodic table, or mathematical formulas.


  • Examination tip: While appearing for the exams, a visual learner should be able to recall all the demonstrations, pictures, any related formula, and one must write down all the related information if he/she forgets the exact thing, so as to add them up and recall the answer.


  • Auditory Learners: Auditory learners are those that often talk to themselves like they always move their lips and read out loud, they often face difficulty in reading and writing task.
  • School tip: Auditory learners should read out loud and record the lectures instead of taking notes, as they can remember things when they hear them. This type of learner should always discuss things from others this might help them in remembering things.
  • Self-study tip: The best way to study for them is to record everything and listen to them during their study hours. In this way they will learn faster, another better option is to discuss things in a group.
  • Examination tip: It may be possible that an Auditory Learner may find it difficult in writing exams, so they can imagine as if they are verbally explaining it to the teacher, this way they will be able to write a better exam.
  • Kinesthetic Learners: This type of learners does best with touching and moving. It is also classified into two types, Kinesthetic (movement) and tactile (touch). This type of learner basically loses interest if there is no movement in the class, they even write the notes just for the sake of moving hands.
  • School tip: This type of learner learns basically from real-life examples, so the instructor must know this type of student and teach accordingly. They should not be disturbed during the class, and hence need to pay attention properly.
  • Self-study tip: A Kinesthetic learner should keep on practising things, they should study in a group or keep a tutor to develop study materials. They should divide the study into small-small parts and then take a break in between. They need to go for regular practice exams.
  • Examination tip: They can write down important points when they the paper and use them in the answer paper accordingly, they can also chew gum (If allowed at exam centre) as this will create movement. They can also use the movements that they used while preparing.

Closing Remark: Learning is quite interesting, a person just needs to figure out his/her learning style, hope this article has helped you in finding out your learning style and has definitely helped you with your exams and your personal life.


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