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ICSE 2019: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

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The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. It is a private board of school education in India. It was affiliated to French Board of Examination before 1986. It is one of the most reputed boards in India and all over the world, its board examination is regarded as the one of the toughest in India. ICSE 2019

The examination allows secure suitable representation of governments responsible for schools (which are affiliated to it) in their states or territories. Private candidates are permitted to appear for this examination. So, go through this article to know more about ICSE.

Key points related to ICSE

ICSE Board is considered as one of the toughest board exams, hence it is important to know some key points on how to prepare for ICSE 2019. It will surely help you to improve your ICSE Result.

  • ICSE 2019 will conduct its board exam in the month of March. So it’s quite good to understand its importance and start preparing for it so as to get good marks in the ICSE Board.
  • ICSE Board is considered to be the toughest board exam; hence it is important to have a proper schedule to prepare for it.
  • To have a better ICSE Result, maintaining of notes is very important as it is a good source of revision.
  • ICSE syllabus is vast and to cover it a student needs to properly manage time because it helps in getting a good score.

Preparation for ICSE

ICSE Board is one of the finest board as it provides a wide range of opportunity to select the subjects, hence preparation of ICSE Board needs to do well. It provides a better opportunity to enhance one’s personality. Here are some tips on how to prepare for ICSE 2019.

  • To prepare for ICSE 2019, one should first go through the syllabus of the ICSE Board, this needs to done to get a clear idea of the portion to be read.
  • As ICSE has a wide range of subjects such as English, Hindi, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), History, Geography etc., so one needs to maintain the time ratio. This will help the students to prepare for other competitive exams at matriculation level.
  • To get a good ICSE Result every ICSE aspirant must figure out their strong and weak subject, so that they prepare according to it, as mathematics is generally a student’s weak subject, so they need to give proper time to maths.
  • ICSE board is one of the reputed board in India as well as Worldwide, hence having a good score can help you in many places, like getting scholarships and many other carrier opportunities.

Role of ICSE in a student’s carrier

ICSE plays an important role in a student’s life as it’s syllabus is of high level; it helps in boosting the confidence of a student who is going to participate in any competitive exams.

  • ICSE Board has different subjects that provide you with an opportunity to learn different languages.
  • ICSE Board keeps updating its syllabus, which helps students to cope up with different competitions in life.
  • Exams like ISO, IMO, etc., can be prepared by an ICSE student as they almost cover the same portion as of ICSE.
  • A good ICSE result gives a good impression if someone presents it in front of someone.

ICSE Syllabus and its role in competitive exams

ICSE is considered to be tough, but if prepared well it can help in many other exams, here you can know how it helps in other exams.

  • ICSE covers almost everything in its matriculation syllabus, example Logarithm (Log) is a chapter in maths that is taught in ICSE but not in other boards.
  • Having a good ICSE Result can help you get into many good schools and colleges of India where the completion is high such as Delhi University.
  • Exams like KVPY, ISO, IMO etc., almost have the same Syllabus, hence does not needs to be prepared separately, if some is preparing for boards.
  • Sometimes a good ICSE Result can directly get you admitted into top schools/ colleges of the country.

Follow this “3P” formula to get a good score in ICSE 2019

  • Plan what to study.
  • Prepare how to study.
  • Practice what you have studied.

These three are the golden rule that needs to be followed before your ICSE 2019 exam in order to get a good ICSE Result.

1.P: Plan what to Study

Planning is one of the keys to achieving success in any desired field, nothing can be executed well without a proper plan. So preparing for ICSE 2019 needs proper planning so every ICSE student must follow the syllabus and plan accordingly what is the course of a particular subject and then proceed further with the studies.

Once a student has a proper plan then he needs to prepare for how to execute it, and once these two things are done, it will automatically improve a student’s ICSE result.

2.P: Prepare how to study

Once a student is done with what to study then he/she must prepare for how to study, as this is very important, just preparing the content is not important it needs to be executed, so the best way to study is self-study. Self-study helps a student to improve his/her concept, it also helps in keeping a student concentrated. Another good option is a group study. Group study helps in building concepts and let you learn new things. As ICSE exams are tough group studies may help to get good marks in ICSE 2019.

So, prepare well for ICSE 2019 and always feel free to take help from teachers and friends, this will clear your doubts and lead you to get a better ICSE Result.

3.P: Practice what you have studied

The last mantra is to practice, every ICSE aspirant needs to practice well as this is the only way to get good ICSE Result, so work hard on a daily basis and practice all the subjects and important concepts. Hard-work can lead to a miracle and it will definitely help you get a good ICSE Result, and you will do well in this ICSE 2019.

Closing remark: – ICSE Board is considered to be tough, but if prepared with a proper plan and if worked hard it can be very easy to score good ICSE Result. Self-study and group-study is an important factor to get good marks, hence prepare well for your ICSE 2019 exam.

I wish every aspirant a very good luck.


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