Why E-Learning Makes More Sense


Have you ever wondered what would it be like to teleport yourself from your room to your classroom and back, saving so much of time and effort? Or, if you could go back in time and attend that chemistry class you missed last Friday? Good news is – you can! No, we have not yet invented time machines or teleports unless you live in the world of Doctor Who. But we have invented e-learning, perhaps the best invention by human race after the creation of pen and paper.

In today’s world, where everything is going online for the convenience and ease of access, online learning is already making lives easier. You can enrol yourself in courses of your choice and bingo! You have all the contents of use to yourself to learn and complete in your own time.

Online means you can attend your classes on multiple devices, at any time, and you won’t be carrying a backpack, full of books, with you. Online learning is not only easy but also fun as animations, bite-sized videos, info-graphics, combined with text provide a comprehensive learning experience.

E-learning also makes parents happier as their children are studying in the safety of home, and unlike offline education, it does not dig a hole in the pocket. There are multiple features that allow students as well as parents to track progress. There are many quizzes and test throughout the courses to test one’s understanding of a concept or to see how much he has progressed so far.

More and more institutions are embracing e-learning for the benefits of students as well as the institutions themselves, as features like “classroom” takes teacher-student relationship and understanding to the next level. Unlike traditional classes, teachers do not have to prepare every teaching material from the scratch as tons of content is already made available online for teaching.

Teachers, similarly, can track the progress of each student to understand if and who needs refinement in what area, and direct them towards an article or an animated film, or perhaps teach them in person using a video calling or conferencing tool crafted especially for the same purpose.

When compared, the offline education system is no match given all the features, comfort, efficiency and experience online learning can provide to enhance your learning experience in a smart way.


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