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Smart Preparation Tips & Tricks to Crack KVPY 2018


Are you excited to pursue your Career in Research and become a notable scientist? Yes?  Here we go! Hope the following piece of information about KVPY 2018 Scholarship helps you!

KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana) is an esteemed scholarship program to explore and foster budding professionals towards pursuing Research and Development (R&D) career in Basic Sciences held by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. DST also provides contingency grant along with the fellowship for the selected KVPY candidates/ fellows for up to 5 years.

Yes! You are at the right place to get interesting and very helpful preparation tips for KVPY 2018 which would boost your confidence and push you towards the success in the examination.

Key Points about KVPY 2018 exam:

Here are a few important points to be noted about the KVPY 2018 examination

  • Students aspiring for such a renowned examination should carefully go through the application procedures and apply online before 31st August 2018 here.
  • The whole selection procedure for awarding the fellowship contains two levels.
    1. Aptitude Written Test
    2. InterviewKVPY 2018
  • The first level Aptitude test is declared to be conducted on Sunday, November 5, 2018. You can find the detailed important dates and Eligibility criteria for KVPY 2018 here.
  • The Admit Cards for the Exam can be downloaded from the Second week of October here.
  • The Shortlisted Candidates of KVPY Aptitude test will be asked to appear an interview which is the final step of the Selection Process.

Smart 5P Strategy for KVPY Exam 2018

A person with clear strategic and careful moves always wins the games! Such is the case for exams. The 5P strategy helps you crack the exam and get admission into your much longed India’s top Institution IISc.

Here are the 5 P’s waiting for you to follow.

  • Pattern of the Exam and Analysis of Syllabus of KVPY Exam 2018
  • Plan your Study Timetable for KVPY 2018.
  • Previous Papers of KVPY Exam.
  • Practice KVPY Mock tests.
  • Polish Concepts before KVPY Exam.


  1. P&S: Pattern of the Exam and Analysis of Syllabus of KVPY Exam 2018:

At first, get acquainted with the pattern of the exam so that you can further concentrate only on the technical aspects instead of worrying about the marks distribution of KVPY Exam. Detailed Syllabus and Pattern of the exam can be found here.KVPY 2018

The KVPY exam is objective with 2 parts and negative marking of the 1/4th mark for every wrong answer and to be completed in 3 hours. There are three different levels of the exam KVPY 2018 as below.

  1. SA exam –11th Standard students
  2. SX exam –12th Standard students
  3. SB exam – 1st-year students of B.Sc., B.S., Integrated 5-year M.Sc, S. programmes
Section Marks
Biology 15
Mathematics 15
Physics 15
Chemistry 15
Total 60
Section Marks
Biology 10
Mathematics 10
Physics 10
Chemistry 10
Total 40
Section Marks
Biology 20
Mathematics 20
Physics 20
Chemistry 20
Total 80
Section Marks
Biology 20
Mathematics 20
Physics 20
Chemistry 20
Total 80


  1. P: Plan your Timetable for KVPY 2018:KVPY 2018
  • Start the preparation as early as possible to crack the KVPY exam.
  • Don’t prioritize subjects on the first go. It might be surprising, but you may turn up missing a few important and easy concepts from other subjects if you concentrate only on the major subjects in the KVPY Exam.
  • Don’t ever procrastinate the planned timetable for KVPY Exam Preparation.KVPY 2018
  • Maintain separate notes for each subject and prepare notes for every topic you study.
  • Don’t use the notes prepared for other exams for KVPY exam, because no two exams can be same and you may end up reading more/less content than required for the exam.


  1. P: Previous Papers of KVPY Exam:KVPY 2018
  • Students who cracked competitive exams suggest practising previous papers of KVPY Exam.
  • This not only helps you get used to the pattern, but one can understand the weight of the topics in general in the KVPY exam.
  • This helps the student in the last minute preparation since he/she can focus on related topics for revision of the syllabus.
  • One can find Previous Question papers with answers on the official website of KVPY 2018 run by the Indian Institute of Science here.
  1. P: Practice KVPY Mock tests:
  • This phase of practising KVPY Mock tests is very important since by this time student would have completed the majority of the syllabus.
  • Generally, students tend to write KVPY Mock tests only after completion of entire syllabus, but rankers of exam suggest to start writing mock tests even when you are in the mid-way of the preparation for KVPY 2018 exam.
  • KVPY Mock tests help the students in gaining the speed in problem-solving.
  • KVPY Mock tests also help for self-analysis of their depth and problem-solving skills
  • KVPY Mock tests give the student a deep understanding of the level of the questions that might appear in the KVPY 2018 exam.KVPY 2018
  • Try to attempt as many KVPY mock tests as possible.
  • Practice doing the genuine correction and mark allotment for the KVPY mock test instead of just ignoring the marks.
  • Make a note of all the mistakes you have done while writing KVPY Mock Tests such that you can re-visit your mistakes and this helps a lot in the exam for avoiding silly/small mistakes.
  1. P: Polish Concepts before KVPY Exam:
  •  Since this the final step in the preparation for KVPY Exam 2018, one need to skim through the highlighted contents and shorthanded notes compiled during the preparation.
  • Re-Read the KVPY Exam centric notes prepared.

KVPY 2018

  • Quiz yourself a little more about some tough and critical concepts in the syllabus of KVPY to make yourself confident of what you are aware of and till what extent you are aware of.
  • The most important thing to be done in this phase is not only to review the entire syllabus and concepts of KVPY Exam but also focus on what mistakes you have done during your KVPY mock test.
  • The sample practice papers for KVPY Exam with questions and answers can be found here.

Closing Remarks: Group study always helps in sharing and improvising the application of the learnt concepts for the problems. So, do try to have a study group whom you can discuss on a day to day basis and also share and discuss the results and mistakes of KVPY Mock Tests. As a bonus for the students, we provide you with the list of standard books for KVPY Exam that helps your preparation here. If student aspiring for KVPY exam 2018 follows the Smart 5P Strategy, it is guaranteed that the student can definitely succeed in getting through the KVPY exam and get the esteemed KVPY Scholarship to pursue education and career in Basic Sciences.

All the Best for aspirants of KVPY 2018 Exam.

This article was written by Skandha Deepsita.


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