Best Career Options For PCB Students After 12th

Best Career Options For PCB Students After 12th

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After coming to 10th Class we all come at a crossroad, where we need to choose our profession and work for it for the rest of our life. By coming at this stage there are many path and career from which we can choose. Many of them choose Physics, Chemistry and Maths i.e (PCM) and many choose Physics, Chemistry, and Biology i.e (PCB). Choosing a right course is extremely important as it focuses on rest of your life. It is really difficult to pick or choose the option as because there are many good options for every candidate, but we don’t know which is appropriate for us. Do not worry we have the list for Best Career Option For PCB Students after 12th

This Article is a limelight for all of you. We have listed a huge list of Best Career Option For PCB Students after 12th. To begin here is the exhaustive list of all the option which is available for you –

BAMS – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
BDS – Bachelor of Dental Surgery
BUMS – Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery
BHMS – Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery
B.Sc Bio Chemistry– Bachelor of Science in Bio-Chemistry
B.Sc Microbiology – Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
B.Sc Biotechnology – Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
B.Sc – Bachelor of Science
B.Sc AH (Animal Husbandry) – Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences
B.Sc Home Science
B.,Sc Anthropology
B.Sc Zoology
B.Sc Zoology
B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics
B.Sc Food Technology
B.Sc Speech and Language Pathology
B.Sc Rehabilitation Therapy
B.Sc Radiography
B.Sc Audiology
B.Sc Occupational Therapists
B.Sc MLT – Bachelor in Medical Technology

The candidates who have opted for the Subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) are required to take up their career in medicine or dental studies, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, agriculture and dairy science etc. If you are seeking for more option then you can read the list which is listed above. Pharmacy includes options related to the Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Audiology, Speech Therapy, Medical Lab Technology, Optometry, Nutrition, and Dietetics etc.

Here is an option for those too who are seeking a job for making their career in Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science. They can opt for choosing a career as a veterinary doctor. For taking admission in a good and reputed college candidate can to appear for the Entrance examination as counted by the Veterinary Council of India.

Candidates with 12th Science, Bio-Maths can either opt for Engineering or a Medical Career. The Admission to these professional courses is through the Entrance Examination. It not interested in the field of Engineering and Medical, 10+2 candidates can go for the B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) programme for their choice, which can be followed by Master’s Degree(M.Sc), Ph.D. and M.Phill. Apart from this teaching is an option which candidate can choose.

Now as we have introduced you to the section of most popular career choices, the candidates who have opted for PCB as a Career can check all the details about it here –

Medicine – Every Candidate who opt for the PCB stream his aim is to become a doctor. For this, the candidate has to clear the NEET Examination or can clear a State Medical Entrance Examination. Using all this the candidate can secure a seat in the Medical College. The Undergraduate Programmes for MBBS, BAMS and BHMS are for a period of 5 years. Upon the completion of the course, the candidate has to opt for the Post Graduate Studies for specialization.
Pharmacy – These are all professional for healthcare like Pharmacists/Chemistry/Druggists etc who work in the field of Health Science which focuses on safe and effective medication. The candidate must obtain a B.Pharma Degree at a Pharmacy School or Institute of Medical Science etc.
Dentistry – It is a Branch of Science which deals with the oral cavity of Medicine. The first requirement of it is to clear the NEET/State Medical Entrance Examination and secure a seat in the medical college. The programme of the BDS covers over all 5 years. After the completion of 5 years, the candidate can proceed further for the postgraduate studies for specialization.
Biological Science – It deals with the study of living things as well as focuses on Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Evolutionary Biology, and Ecology. The candidates can also opt for a professional, scientific or technical career after graduating. They can also have an option if they want to study further for a research doctor or a postgraduate course in the applied field.
Optometry – It is a profession concerned with the eyes and vision. They are prescribed to do the work related to fit lenses to improve the vision. The Degrees such as bachelor of Optometry, Master of Optometry and Doctor of Philosophy in Optometry are recognized as well as awarded by UGC. After completing the course the candidate needs to get register with the Optometry Council of India.
Physiotherapy – It is a kind of physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty using the mechanical forces and movements. The students have to obtain an Undergraduate Degree, Bachelor of Physiotherapy and even can opt for the specialization in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiotherapy, Pediatric, Sports, Women’s Health etc

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